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Whats Included in an intital

Creating a shift -


  1)  We will connect over the phone and discuss briefly what is involved in a Mace  Energy Therapy session, answer any questions you may have; and discover what you would like to achieve.; clear and release in order to move forward in your life!

  2)  We will schedule a time for your first session which will include an approx 2.5 - 3 hour (sometimes longer) session with me.

 3)  This will shift and release many areas of unwanted patterns, and blockages, allowing you to move forward in life; physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Supporting you on every level and clearing (and therefore raising your vibration which assists on another level).   Bringing you a   sense of understanding and awareness and supporting your journey of  who you are and what is required.

 4)  You will take a week to integrate the work… noticing any changes that are taking place or intuitive understanding either subtle or profound.

 5)  We will do a follow up approx. 1 hour session in a weeks’ time check in, discuss what you have noticed and work with any further changes that are required as you move forward. 

 I will also offer intuitively, one or two options for us to work on together. This is often more generalised  and may include something like 'Increasing Joy' at this point. We can discuss the options for this at the time.

 6)  Over and throughout the next months as you integrate the often profound changes, I am available for short Mace Sessions as is required. These short sessions may include working intuitively to generally improve specific or non specific areas of your life, to bring further ease, freedom, release and understanding for your life.

I'm just a phone call or text away, and you are not alone...

Jen Mitchell  

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