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At Jen Mitchell - Bowen Therapy,  it's not just about your symptoms - every Bowen Therapy session is specifically tailored to each individual's unique history, lifestyle and current state of health, as well as their presenting issues.

Preparing for a Bowen session

As Bowen works best on hydrated fascia (the matrix of connective tissue supporting your whole body), it is beneficial if you can increase your water intake in the days before your session if you don’t usually drink enough water.

You may like to bring loose fitting pants (such as pyjama pants) or soft shorts and a singlet top or t-shirt to wear during the session.

Please try to arrive on time for your appointment. If you are coming for your first Bowen session, please try to arrive a few minutes early to fill in our new client form.

During a Bowen session

In the clinic, Bowen is delivered through light clothing while lying on a massage table or seated in a chair if needed.

A Bowen session with Jen Mitchell - Bowen Therapy, consists of several series of gentle moves through light-weight clothing or on the skin. Between each series of moves the body is left quietly for a minute or two to allow the body to respond to the signals.

During the session, you may feel changes in your body and will almost always notice a deep sense of relaxation and stress relief. Falling asleep is a regular occurrence during one of our sessions and can indicate a deep relaxation of the nervous system and the start of the healing process.

Depending on the individual, a session may last from 45 minutes to an hour. Most often, a surprisingly few sessions are needed to alleviate structural or functional complaints, even if they are long-standing or haven’t responded to other modalities.

After a Bowen session

The Bowen session stimulates the body to ‘switch on’ its innate healing abilities and balancing mechanisms. This can start a complex series of events within the body, and the healing process can continue for a week or longer after the treatment as the body progressively resets itself. In most cases, you can expect to feel the benefits at the end of the first session, or notice incremental changes in the days following the treatment.

During the week after treatment, it is not unusual to feel adjustments happening, or to experience mild responses including emotional releases or aches in the body as the fascia and musculoskeletal system adjusts. These sensations are usually quite transitory, and are an indication that significant recovery or adjustments are taking place.

Getting the most out of a Bowen session

There are a few things that you can do to allow the Bowen to work, and to get the most out of the session.

Stay hydrated
If you do not usually drink enough water, you should increase your intake both before and after the Bowen session so that your fascia is fully hydrated and able to continue to adjust and respond.

Keep mobile where possible
To help your fascia continue to realign and balance, you should avoid sitting for long periods after the treatment, so if you currently don’t have an active lifestyle, get up and walk around about every half hour if possible. You should also try to have at least one short walk every day following the Bowen session (two or three 10 minute walks a day would be ideal).

Yoga, relaxation and gentle exercise are fine following treatment. You may also be given gentle stretches or targeted strengthening exercises for specific muscles to do after the session to help your body continue to adjust – try to do these daily.

If you are doing stronger physical exercise such as Pilates, cardiovascular exercise (including running) or weight training, you should be gentle on yourself for the first 2-3 days following your session (unless of course the treatment was for maintenance only or as part of your preparation for a competition).

Give the Bowen time to work
To ensure maximum benefit from your Bowen treatment, and so you know if Bowen is working for you, you should avoid other physical therapies or physical manipulation for five days after the treatment (a week would be better). This includes therapies such as massage, chiropractic, physiotherapy, acupuncture, or kinesiology.

Also, if possible, avoid very hot or cold showers and heat or ice packs for at least a few days following a session to allow the body’s natural inflammatory response to work uninterrupted

Watch for improvements and other changes
Remember to watch how your body responds in the days following your Bowen session. Any changes can help you to determine if Bowen is working for you and how effective the session was.

You can let us know of your changes or keep a note and tell us when we see you next. How you respond to a Bowen session can help guide the treatment in subsequent sessions, so it can pay to monitor your body and make of note of your responses.

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