Give someone a special gift that they'll really enjoy...

Because they don't know they need it but you do!



Jen Mitchell Therapy sessions

can be used as a special treat or given as a thoughtful gift –

as clients often say Bowen is the most relaxing and rejuvenating

natural therapy they have ever experienced.

And Reconnective Healing supports on so many levels

at any time in our lives


So specify a treatment - Or let them choose

from our beautiful range of therapies: 

Relaxing, gentle and healing  Bowen Therapy,

Delicious, nurturing Energetic Healing & Balancing Sessions, 

or Supportive and  Transformational Intuitive Coaching.

At Jen Mitchell Therapies we love it when you purchase a gift voucher

for someone you care about...

We always like to add in a $10 voucher to be used in your

Birthday Month just for you as well!

But only when you mention this website post. Clever You!

Jen Mitchell Therapies

                         just because you're worth it! 

* Our  beautiful gift vouchers vary from time to time.
Images are current example only.

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