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Bowen Therapy, Fremantle, North Coogee, and surrounding areas; 
Is now also located in Vasse, in the beautiful South West! 

How does Bowen Therapy differ from other techniques?

  • Bowen is not Chiropractic. There is no manipulation of your joints or bone structure, making it completely non invasive.

  • Bowen is not Massage Therapy. There is no deep or prolonged contact with muscle tissues – however, muscle tensions and strains are relieved and normal lymphatic flow is restored.

  •  Bowen is not Acupressure. Although some traditional acupoints are included in the sequences, they are not addressed or organized in anything resembling Chinese medical theory.

  •  There is no heavy probing of fascia or connective tissue as in Rolfing or deep-tissue work – however, fascia re-hydrates, adhesions release and scar tissue softens and shrinks.

  • Bowen is not an Emotional Release Modality. There is no strategic ‘duress’ or invoking of emotional content as in “mind-body” therapies – however, internal psychological shifts are very common.

  • Bowen is not Energy Work.  There is no redirecting of energies, however nearly everyone reports a pleasant relaxation, and a profound sense of well-being and ease.

So What is this Bowen Technique?
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