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cup of coffee and Jen Mitchell Bowen therapy Testimonials

I'm so grateful to some of my awesome clients for sharing the love! 

 Many thanks to them for these kind words...

Bowen therapy testimonial Fremantle



I came to Jen with strong pain in  the centre of my back Jen asked what level it was about a 7/10!

I also had quite strong pain of about 6/10 in my wrist as well

Probably  due to the work I do as an Artist and Puppeteer.

For me this  was quite serious as I was looking at the possibility of being unable to work in this field that I love which has been an integral part of my life and career as an artist.

After just one  Bowen Therapy session with Jen, ( which was verrrry  relaxing) my back and wrist pain eased and I was feeling so much more comfortable!


After a few more sessions and over the next few weeks my back pain was completely gone and I  no longer had any pain in my wrist!! I was surprised and delighted and I really enjoyed my sessions 


Thanks Jen, I no longer have any serious pain issues, and if  discomfort does occasionally arise in my body, I now know to have occasional maintenance session with you to support my ongoing health and well being.

It makes sense to me to take care of myself.  It helps with my well being.

When I'm under pressure and there is a lot going on,  I also have an Energy Healing session.  I always feel great after these and feel they support my busy life and ongoing journey!

Thanks Jen for the amazing work you do.

You will be in  warm, safe and gentle hands with Jen!

I  recommend her to anyone interested in taking care of themselves on any level;       Physical and or emotional stress..

                                                                                                      Rachel Riggs,

                                                                                                            Artist.   Hilton

"I had the pleasure of meeting Jen Mitchell during a Bowen Therapy treatment, and it was a truly transformative experience. From the moment we started talking, I knew that Jen was not only a skilled therapist but also a compassionate and understanding individual

After our initial session, I decided to try Mace Therapy with Jen. 
I cannot express enough how grateful I am for making that decision.  During the treatment, I felt a release of all the negative energy that had been weighing me down. It was as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders, and I could feel a shift happening within my body. 

Jen's expertise and gentle approach made the entire experience incredibly positive. Not only did I leave feeling physically rejuvenated, but our conversations during the sessions were also enlightening and inspiring. Jen has a unique ability to create a safe and nurturing space for her clients, allowing them to open up and explore their emotions

I highly recommend Jen Mitchell for anyone seeking a holistic and transformative therapy experience. Her genuine care and dedication to her clients are truly  remarkable. 
Thank you Jen, for helping me on my journey towards healing and self-discovery.  

                                                                                                                 Petra Callon  

Love my Bowen therapy @ Jen Mitchell-Bowen Therapy
Love my Bowen therapy @ Jen Mitchell-Bowen Therapy
"I first met Jen when she came to me with interest in a product from my business.
In our conversations, we spoke a little about her work and her business. 

At the time I had some family issues that were bothering me. I decided  to have some sessions with Jen, in a 'let's just see here' kind of way, and I liked her seemingly grounded approach.
Here is where I found that surprisingly, and within a short period of time,
the issues and energy I had around the situation I was addressing softened...
then fell away, and then... amazingly transformed into more space and now instead of what was conflict, a more loving relationship!

Throughout the years it's been lovely to have Jen there, to bounce ideas off and to support me when those inevitable bumps in the road appear.
Jen holds a calm space beautifully.

I now also see Jen as a friend, and a wonderful help for my body with her Bowen Therapy or Energetic Therapy. I find it so relaxing and it definitely helps on all fronts!

If you have the opportunity, let her become part of your survival pack!
    I highly recommend her to everyone

                                                                                       Sandra Barnsley
                                                                                          Image Consultant

"Jen you are an amazing Bowen Therapist!  I'd tried all sorts of things to relieve my chronic back pain, to no avail and after just a few sessions my pain level went to zero.

Not only did you alleviate my pain with your gentle Bowen Therapy. I have found my posture has improved and I'm able to do exercise, Something that had been quite difficult and that I'd resisted because of my pain... and get my weight under control again! 

 Jen works holistically, so at her suggestion, and with trust, I also had some Energy Healing and Clearing with Jen. 

 It was Amazing!

Thank you Jen  I'm a client for life!"

                                                                            Hannah Donaldson 

Love heart for Testimonials Jen Mitchell Bowen therapy Fremantle

‘ Dear Jen.

I will never forget our first Reconnective Healing session now a few years ago!  I came to you not quite knowing what to expect, when I was feeling a little at a loss and disconnected and was working at finding my way forward.

 ...The unconditional love and energy that radiated from and throughout that first session that I felt in your presence was quite extraordinary!

 I saw colours, images and light throughout the session.

It was like going on a journey of all things that were beautiful!  

As a therapist that is so humble in her work, I am grateful to Jen for the work she does and for the healing's I have received.  Often hard to describe I’m now feeling so much better in myselfI am also taking better care of myself and my body.

 When life’s challenges come up, I’m more able to move through them without so much investment.   I also feel strangely more in tune with the beauty around me. Those little things we rarely notice on our busy journey.

Thanks Jen, I look forward to seeing you as the journey of self-discovery,

and well being continues!




                                                                                              Poet ; Author; 




Love my Bowen therapy with  Jen Mitchell

I came to see Jen from a referral from a friend for my chronic low back pain.

After talking to Jen I committed to having 3 sessions with her for my pain that I just couldn't seem to shift...

 If I'm honest I was a was a bit dubious when I first came to see her for my first session. I'd tried a lot of treatments and  it seemed when I was on the table she wasn't really working so much on my area of pain. 

In a day or so my pain even got a bit worse. I called Jen and she explained this was OK it was just the pain shifting through my body. It did settle quite a bit by day four and I was surprised an pleased!

 So I decided to continued with my next two sessions, one week apart. Each week I had more movement and a bit less pain.

After the third session my lumbar pain was gone! I was truly delighted! Nowadays my pain is mostly non existent. If it niggles I get to see Jen pretty quickly and it settles down. I really like how gentle and effective this treatment is, and how relaxing. I now just come for maintenance treatments and well, also because sometimes I just want to lay on her table and have some quality me time.

Thanks Jen, you are amazing!

                                                                                                       Karen F




Love and thanks Bowen therapy with Jen Mitchell Fremantle


I had been seeing a Chiropracter for my aches and pains and heard about

Jen's Bowen therapy Treatments in my area.

I had a couple of treatments and found it helped  provide fast and ongoing relief.

It's relaxing and Jen knows what she's doing. I'd recommend her to everyone 


Thanks Jen, 




                                                                                           Peter Carmichael


Love my Bowen therapy andHealing a Jen Mitchell Testimonial

I booked my first (sooo relaxing) Bowen session ever, with Jen back in 2016 and I have never looked back!

For many years, I’ve suffered with lower back and neck pain... as well as suffering with a knee injury (from over 5 years prior) which gave me grief when I would exercise, and occasionally it would dislocate. With regular weekly visits to my chiropractor I  did my best to keep it in check.

 It felt like I was always suffering with discomfort and was looking for anything that might give me a little more support and long term relief  for my body. Working as an Administrator, in front of a computer created further issues; as I am not moving around a lot and my back would stiffen up regularly.

After my first session with Jen, I was truly amazed how much more quickly and consistently I recovered from pain and injury on a deeper level 


I noticed  my body was healing faster in other areas as well. Even some areas which I had no idea were out of place, until those areas began to heal and feel better!

 Jen provided great advice and with the monthly tune up, I no longer struggle with long term pain… unless I do something really silly over the weekend to myself, like camping without hardly any mattress (my body doesn’t like that).

Jen is super intuitive and has a gift! I've also loved my Energetic Healing sessions with her... I know she's there for me when life's inevitable problems crop up! 


I highly recommend Jen to anyone wanting to take their healing and wellbeing     to the next level.


                                                                                Thanks so much Jen!

                                                             Heidi Ryan (aged 34)  





I heard about Mace through a friend who had experienced some great results, and reached out to Jen intuitively. i was interested in giving it a go for some of the issues in my life that I felt were blocking me and were impinging my day to day life.

i'd tried some other therapy work without much concrete success. i contacted Jen over six months ago and I'm so glad I did, her warmth and intuitive abilities combined with her professionalism was present in our work together.

Her ongoing assistance helped me dive a bit deeper and helped me get out of some underlying patterns of overwhelm, within my family, friendships and work. 

Jen was very thorough, some of the shifts had to be approached  from a few different underlying areas that presented - some of these took a little time  but i'm so very grateful now for  Jen and the Mace Energy sessions and the ongoing realisations, and ease with how I now approach and deal with what would once have been hard to deal with. 

                                                                                         Tracey Clarke 

                                                                                           Perth WA


 Love my Bowen Therapy. A case study with Jen Mitchell

After each Mace session a new sense of realisation, freedom and personal control came. through the sessions I did not have to re-live traumatic events.


I understood & released painful areas & people that had been running in my subconscious for so long and it felt like such a relief to let it go, quite easily really.

Thank you Jen, Im so grateful to have this in my life & for your ongling support when I need it.    

                                                                                     Julie W 


 Love my Bowen Therapy. A case study with Jen Mitchell
 Love my Bowen Therapy. A case study with Jen Mitchell

 Barry L.


  Occupational Health and Safety Officer.

Barry came with long term and constant pain levels of 5+ in his right lumbar region. He’d had Chiropractic care, massage and physio without seeing much change.  

Over a period of four months Barry came regularly for Bowen Therapy, at first every two weeks, then every three weeks then once a month.

Throughout this period of four months Barry’s Pain levels continually and steadily decreased, with the some slight up and down on the way through. At the end of four months Barry was at a place where apart from very occasional slight discomfort his chronic lumbar pain had gone by the end of this case study. 

                                                       ...Thanks Barry for being part of my case studies   



           We are grateful that our practice grows mostly by referral...       

The greatest compliment our patients can pay us is the referral of their friends

and family to our practice. 

Thank you for your trust in our service.


If you would like to book in for a treatment please

Contact Jen here

Or feel free to text or call for a chat to discuss your situation  on 0411 241 972

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