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Intuitive Councillor & Holistic Practitioner 

Jen Mitchell

Healing,   Transformative,   Extraordinary,   Life Changing

Intuitive, Councillor & Holistic Practitioner 

Jen Mitchell

Healing,   Transformative,   Extraordinary,   Life Changing




Mace Energy therapy is a unique method of physical, emotional, and spiritual self-healing and self improvement which leads to personal growth, release and activation of inner potential potential, relief of tension & stress, and improvement in all areas of your life. 

Mace Healing provides a professional cutting edge therapy
that actually works; and works quickly
in assisting people to let go of the limiting belief systems they are
holding onto. The Mace energy method can help you purify and free you
from your negative thoughts, emotions, and actions, such as aggression,
fear, hatred, anger etc. and improve your overall state of mind.

 simply put Mace Therapy helps to eliminate the effects of
emotional upsets, and the many forms of personal trauma. 

Allowing old past traumas to fall away starts freeing thoughts, feelings and emotions,
beliefs, judgements and limitations that no longer serve you
 that have locked you up for so long, often in repeat cycles of what may be going on.

Healing Energy provides a professional, alternative and complementary therapy option for people who prefer to take a holistic approach to their health and wellness.

WHO I AM and what i

Jen Mitchell  principal, is a highly Qualified Therapist and Energetic Healing Practitioner, providing a professional and complimentary option for people who are wanting to make a shift towards being more in control or their lives and living the life of their dreams!

Through my extensive experience practicing as a holistic therapist including as a Mace Practitioner, I have witnessed many stories of personal transformation this method has to offer to people. It has improved my life and the life of family, friends and clients in the most profound way. It is my privilege to now share the Mace Energy Method with anyone willing to experience its effectiveness and improve their life. 
As a practitioner trained in Mace Energy Therapy and Bowen Therapy,
and many other holistic traditions I work with physical, emotional, and spirtiual challenges or anyone who is ready for personal transformation. I guide my clients to take charge of their life and overcome theirb obstacles. as a result they are able to do what they love, feel more confident about themselves & their future, and live a happier and more joyful life. 

Mace Energy Therapy ®

Jen is available for treatment sessions globally
for this life changing non invasive therapy...

  • Would you like to receive some Healing,

       guidance or clarity?

  • Are you ready  to release and let go of stuck patterns,

       and limiting beliefs you are holding onto...

       either mentally, physically or emotionally

  • Would you like to be more in control of your life improve your relationships and all other aspects of your life 

  •    Is it time to commit to and tap into your true potential Achieve more balance and support

  • Help and inspire others






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Imagine Mace Energy therapy like a computer de-fragg… cleaning up the hard drive.

Think of doing that for yourself and allowing our body and mind to run with more ease.

We maintain our cars, and even our jobs with updates and course correction. So why not maintain and nurture our body and release and free out thought patterns that are not working for us?


Dig Deep.
Find Your Courage.  


Sometimes you know it's time to do the work,
and get back in charge of your life! 

 Just some of Jen's             '                                
  • Certified Bowen Therapist:​ (Bowtech)                                                                                             Specialised Studies In:

  • Fascial Release ( John WIlkes)

  • Baby and Child   ( John Wilkes)

  • Hormone Release Therapy (Ron Phelan)

  • Scar Tissue Release ( Alistair Mc Lauchlan)​                                                                                                  

  • Mace Energy Method ®

  • Certified Practitioner of Reconnective Healing™​

  • Reconnection-Certified Practitioner™

  • Reconnective Healing® Level I &II

  • Reconnective Healing® Level III​

  • Level One PEIEC Healing

  • Certified Reiki Practioner ® 

  • Certificate Access Consciousness®

  • Certified Theta Healing® 

  • Certified EECT ® Practitioner

  • Certified EMF Balancing Technique® 

  • Certificate Raindrop Technique® Practitioner

  • Certified Neuro Auricular Technique® 

  • Certificate Diploma of Integrated Aromatic Science Level 1 (Canada)

                                                                      Please bear in mind Perth WST time zone 




                                                         Dr. A Treweek                                                                                            

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