Hi I'm Jen Mitchell,  a highly qualified holistic therapist,

                  a  registered and qualified Bowen Therapist,

      and  Reconnective Healing Practitioner who is

           passionate about helping people live to their full potential...

                 I work from the principle that body mind and spirit are

                     connected and through the balance of these 3 components, 

                     more full and  optimal health can be achieved.

                     As a therapist who is also  also super intuitive, 

and who has allowed (after much early dismissing)

the natural development of these gifts...

my aim is to help you feel great! 

Even though my early childhood training was to ignore it, I always had an adept ability at intuitiveness. There was always an understanding of what was going on with other people, without and beyond the need for spoken word. Always however I would push this to the side. We all do that sometimes hey?

Life however, had other plans and eventually my interest and ability to 'listen', came to the fore. Perhaps you could say I fell onto my path rather than going searching for it. Or perhaps you could say it found me, rather than I found it, which ultimately perhaps is the most conducive way, and basically means the same thing. Smile


Eventually, and initially to my initial surprise, I 'surrendered to my path'.  I began to study  natural therapies. I  made the commitment to begin my training almost twenty years ago.  I found some of the most amazing teachers, literally presenting themselves along my path. As such, I have studied as a Natural Therapist travelling to Melbourne, Sydney and Canada to become qualified in a range of mind body healing techniques over my years of practice. 


During this time I spent 5 years honing my skills in a clinic in Ardross, before relocating and now  operate from my beautiful home studio.

After a serious car accident, I was so grateful for my broad range of understanding and drew on and utilised my knowledge of healing techniques; which I complimented with my network of amazing therapists including Osteopath’s,  Chiropractors and particularly Bowen Therapy whose gentle yet powerful treatments I found so effective in assisting in my own healing journey.


After this I committed to adding Bowen Therapy to my already broad range of therapies and training in this beautiful modality. To offer this wonderful, gentle yet powerful physical therapy to my clients for reduction or relief from chronic pain, reduced stress, enhanced mobility and increased energy.

With my training, I'm adept at treating complex health issues such as chronic pain, migraines and back pain and many other issues. I have also completed specialised studies in infertility, loss of libido and menopause and hormone imbalances which often also result from physical body imbalance.


Holding space with a warm presence, and having worked with hundreds of clients, the wisdom I have gained in these fields has allowed me and my business to grow and evolve into what is an exciting and cutting edge practice!

I have the ability to find the issue, then work with you to create a shift towards your most optimal outcome...

I look forward to your reaching out to me.... and to  helping you on your journey to health and happiness.



I have been fortunate to study and learn personally with, many wonderful avatars and prominent teachers on the planet including:

   Dr Bruce Lipton (bit of a crush)

   Dr Eric Pearl;

   Greg Braden; 

   Dr Brian Weis;,

   Dr Wayne Dyer;

   John Wilks

   Ron Phelan

   Vianne Mac Beth

   Garry  M Douglas;

   Dr Dain Heer; 

   Lee Carol; (Kryon))

   Peggy Dubro;

   Garry Young;

   Shanayra Benzie,

   and Dr Sebina De  Vita

   (to mention but  a few...)

"Away from Jen Mitchell Therapies, I am passionate about my family and friends, and I'm also a mother to three beautiful, talented and independent girls, with lives and careers that never fail to amaze, and yes I’ll own it make me just a little proud of them... 

Lets see.. what else? Well, I love to go for long walks. I enjoy poetry, art, music, writing and a good book. I love a good cuppa, a great meal, occasionally a nice wine (organic preferably), and a catch up with friends. 

I still saunter around the tennis court, mainly for the fun company, like to do Pilates a couple of times a week, and when it’s warm I love to hang out and walk and swim at the beach.

I love acts of kindness and have appreciation of all the simple things in life.

  I try to live in gratitude everyday. Even when it's been a learning one. 

I have honour for the people and the beauty and diversity of all our flora and fauna, of this amazing planet we live on and I am grateful to all the avatars and fellow teachers who have taken the journey to shine the light... 


I feel honoured to do this work with you which I believe facilitates a shift on many levels including our health and well-being.


Allow me to be part of your journey. To support  and assist you (and don't we all need that sometimes)  to regain greater physical health, a sense of balance, emotional and general well-being. 

Whether you are seeking physical or emotional assistance, perhaps even with your life path, or are looking to strengthen your skills....  I am happy to offer a free consultation to discuss your situation, answer questions and explore  the best option for your particular needs

                                                                                ... I sincerely look foreword to working with you."

   Just call or text me on  0411 241 972 

                                                         Yours in health...     


About Jen 

Some of my many


Certified Bowen Therapist:

Including Extra studies;

Hormone Release Therapy (Ron Phelan)

Fascial Release ( John Wilks)

Baby and Child   ( John Wilks)

Scar Tissue Release ( Alistair Mc Lauchlan)


Certified Practitioner of Reconnective Healing™

Reconnection-Certified Practitioner™

Reconnective Healing® Level I &II

Reconnective Healing® Level III

Level One PEIEC Healing
Certified Reiki Practioner ® 

Certificate Access Consciousness®

Certified Theta Healing® 

Certified EECT ® Practitioner

Certified EMF Balancing Technique® 

Certificate Raindrop Technique® Practitioner

Certified Neuro Auricular Technique® 

Certificate Diploma of Integrated Aromatic Science Level 1 (Canada)

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