Jen Mitchell


As a Bowen practitioner with impeccable standards, I ensure that every session is about more than just treating your symptoms, it’s about supporting you and allowing you and your body to start the process of healing itself. In addition, I am totally committed to the highest levels of

client comfort and hygiene, and to my own standards and development as a Holistic and  Bowen practitioner.

  • Certified Bowen Therapist:​ (Bowtech)                                        Specialised Studies In:

  • Fascial Release ( John WIlkes)

  • Baby and Child   ( John Wilkes)

  • Hormone Release Therapy (Ron Phelan)

  • Scar Tissue Release ( Alistair Mc Lauchlan)​                                                                                                  

  • Certified Practitioner of Reconnective Healing™​

  • Reconnection-Certified Practitioner™

  • Reconnective Healing® Level I &II

  • Reconnective Healing® Level III​

  • Level One PEIEC Healing

  • Certified Reiki Practioner ® 

  • Certificate Access Consciousness 

  • Certified EECT ® Practitioner

  • Certified EMF Balancing Technique® 

  • Certificate Raindrop Technique® Practitioner

  • Certified Neuro Auricular Technique® 

  • Certificate Diploma of Integrated Aromatic Science Level 1 (Canada)

After studying for a period Jen found her interest in a more holistic whole

body/being taking place and shifted her focus to natural and traditional therapies. .

 After a severe car accident Jen found herself reaching out, to combine mainstream medicine treatment along with her energetic work, and to many traditional alternative therapies to assist with her healing all of which assisted in some level. This was when Jen tried Bowen Therapy and experienced even more sustained results for her now seemingly long standing issues within a few treatment sessions.


From this Jen undertook intensive studies to become a Bowen practitioner (Bowtech) with committed extra training and specialities including; Hormone Release Therapy; ( Ron Phelan)  Fascial Release (John Wilks U.K.);  Baby and Child ( John Wilks. U.K.);  and Scar tissue Release (Alistair Mc Lachlan)

As well as further energetic training to utilise and expand her natural and strongly intuitive abilities. Reconnective Healing (Dr Eric Pearl)

Key areas of interest;  Stress and anxiety: 

Also supporting a moving forwards throughout life's journey.

From a personal perspective, and working with people from all walks of life Jen understands how stress can impact us physically and emotionally, and can work closely with clients to identify stress and anxiety triggers and the aggravators of their pain and dysfunction, both internal and external.


To help people back onto the road to improved health Jen delivers Bowen treatments in relative silence  – providing the time and space for the clients nervous system to relax

– helping the body back to it’s preferred and relaxed state.

A sustained reduction in stress is something that everyone can experience with Bowen, even from the first session.

Key areas of interest – pain relief, support for recovering from illness and mind/body alignment:

Jen also specialises in TMJ disorder & disorders of the reproductive and hormonal systems, and can work with other allied health professionals to support clients with complex medical of psychological issues.

Key area of interest – relaxation and rejuvenation:

Bowen sessions can be used as a special treat or given as a thoughtful gift – as clients often say Bowen is the most relaxing and rejuvenation natural therapy they have ever experienced.


Treatments are by appointment only and Jen is available for daytime and early evening appointments form Monday afternoons, to Saturday mornings.


Please refer to the information on What is Bowen ; What to expect ; and appointments for more details.

Contact us to book an appointment with Jen or to find out more about Bowen Therapy.  

I have been fortunate to study and learn personally with, many wonderful 

avatars and prominent teachers on the planet including:

  •    Dr Bruce Lipton (Bit of a crush...)

  •    Dr Eric Pearl;

  •    Greg Braden; 

  •    Dr Brian Weis;,

  •    Dr Wayne Dyer;

  •    John Wilks

  •    Ron Phelan

  •    Vianne Mac Beth

  •    Garry  M Douglas;

  •    Dr Dain Heer; 

  •    Lee Carol; (Kryon))

  •    Peggy Dubro;

  •    Garry Young;

  •    Shanayra Benzie,

  •    and Dr Sebina De  Vita

  •    (to mention but  a few...)

On a personal note from Jen; 

I feel honoured to do this work with you which I believe facilitates a shift on many levels including our health and well-being.


Allow me to be part of your journey. To support  and assist you (and don't we all need that sometimes)  to regain greater physical health, a sense of balance, emotional and general well-being. 

Whether you are seeking physical or emotional assistance, perhaps even with your life path, or are looking to strengthen your skills....  I am happy to offer a free consultation to discuss your situation, answer questions and explore  the best option for your particular needs

                                                                                ... I sincerely look foreword to working with you."

                                                                               Jen Mitchell  

Jen Mitchell Bowen Therapist  form Busselton and FremantleFremantel Area
Jen Mitchell Bowen therapy and Reconnective Healng