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How does Bowen Therapy differ from other techniques?

  • Bowen is not Chiropractic. There is no manipulation of your joints or bone structure, making it completely non invasive.

  • Bowen is not Massage Therapy. There is no deep or prolonged contact with muscle tissues – however, muscle tensions and strains are relieved and normal lymphatic flow is restored.

  •  Bowen is not Acupressure. Although some traditional acupoints are included in the sequences, they are not addressed or organized in anything resembling Chinese medical theory.

  •  There is no heavy probing of fascia or connective tissue as in Rolfing or deep-tissue work – however, fascia re-hydrates, adhesions release and scar tissue softens and shrinks.

  • Bowen is not an Emotional Release Modality. There is no strategic ‘duress’ or invoking of emotional content as in “mind-body” therapies – however, internal psychological shifts are very common.

  • Bowen is not Energy Work.  There is no redirecting of energies, however nearly everyone reports a pleasant relaxation, and a profound sense of well-being and ease.

Here's a lovely tribute to the amazingly gifted Tom Bowen - A remarkable Australian who originated and created what is now known as Bowen Therapy throughout the wold. This beautiful modality is able to connect and realign physically, mentally and energetically.
It’s sooo gentle, simple and incredibly effective!
SoWhat is this Bowen Technique?
 Bowen Technique or  Bowen therapy as it is know is truly holistic
and  addresses the whole you not just the bits that hurt!...
  The Bowen Technique, or Bowen Therapy as it is known, is a very gentle remedial therapy named after         it' innovator Australian born Tom Bowen, it is now taught and  used successfully worldwide.
   The Technique is very subtle and relaxing and involves no hard or prolonged pressure.
                                                                       Bowen Therapy incorporates gentle rolling moves over the                                                                                           muscles which triggers them to relax regulate and re balance.
                                                                       Bowen is not a massage, acupressure or chiropractic.
                                                                       It is completely unique.
                                                                       There is no manipulation or force used in any of the                                                                                                       moves.                                                                       
The thumbs or fingers are used to gently press against a muscle, tendon or ligament then, after a second or two the therapist rolls over the area, allowing the muscle tendon or ligament to gently release beneath his/her hands. The pressure applied to the soft connective tissue (fascia) helps to release stress and tension so the body can make the appropriate adjustments to realign itself. There is no pain involved, in fact if you are in pain your muscles will tense up which is not beneficial. Also your brain will focus on the pain and this will detract from the treatment. 
Ideally the brain should have nothing else to think about but the Bowen move. The pressure is often described as eye-ball pressure so it is quite light and so even if you are suffering from a painful condition like fibromyalgia, you can still have Bowen therapy - your therapist will adjust the pressure to suit you. even new born babies benefit from a treatment, especially if they had a difficult birth.
Those Breaks 
The Breaks or pauses are a unique feature of the Bowen Technique and are essential to the success of the therapy! After performing only a few moves, the practitioner will either leave
the room completely or at least leave the side of the client to allow the body to relax. for a shot period, before continuing with the next moves. some say this is where the real work begins.
You always relax much better when no one else is there! This is where Bowen differs from other hands-on treatments. Where many others will say you will, Bowen says 'would you like to?'
This requires a very different response from the body. If something is very hot or painful, there
is an immediate automatic response of withdrawal but Bowen is not painful. so the body
needs to decide what it is supposed to do
.What can I expect from a treatment ? 
It is not unusual for clients to find that their tummy starts to rumble. This is the sympathetic nervous system activation. some clients feel tingling, heat or cold in their body, but it's not unusual to feel nothing at all for a day or two, then reactions will begin. Reactions can continue for a number of days after treatment which is why it is recommended treatment is only given every 5-10 days, 7 being the optimum. 
This is a very delicate treatment in that having a hot bath or sauna or an ice bath if you
are an athlete, can interrupt the ongoing effects of Bowen. Having other hands on therapies will also interfere with Bowen so clients are asked not to have physio,
 Massage, Reflexology, Osteopathic, Chiropractic or any other hands on treatment 1 week either side of a Bowen Therapy
 This enables you to  get the best from your Bowen Therapy
A treatment usually takes approx one hour and results in a deep sense of overall relaxation, allowing the body to recharge and re balance itself. Recent studies have shown the beneficial effects of deep levels of relaxation on our immune systems.
Treatment is holistic so if for example, you see your Bowen Practitioner about a frozen shoulder, when you arrive your practitioner will observe everything about you to begin to understand why you are in pain and could easily treat the knees or another part of the body first. This is because they are looking for lines of tension in the fascia. The fascia
may be thickened or immobile in one area, which then creates a pull in another. To demonstrate, if you are wearing a shirt, you will feel the tension where the collar pulls
on your neck and perhaps under your arms or on your shoulders, not where you are pulling. 
what is tensegrity - Tom Myers on You tube
What conditions can  be treated ?
Bowen Therapy has consistently proven that it can have a profound and permanent recovery and pain relief outcomes with the following issues:
  • Sporting Injuries
  • Headaches/Migraines
  • Neck/Shoulder  pain
  • Back/Sciatic/Leg/Knee/Foot pain
  • Frozen Shoulder/RSI
  • Symptoms of emotional disorders/Depression, Stress,& Anxiety
  • digestive issues, Respiratory issues/Asthma
  • Infant Colic and sleep issues
  • Pregnancy related issues (eg fluid retention, nausea, and general discomfort.)
It is important to note that Bowen Therapy is Holistic. It treats the whole person and not just specific conditions. As a Bowen is a Holistic therapy your practitioner will treat your whole body to address the cause of your problem so it is less likely to recur. It is because Bowen is holistic that it has such far- reaching effects on the body and on most conditions. Bowen helps re balance the autonomic nervous system ( the autonomic nervous system controls over 80% of your bodily functions) and allows the body to relax and heal. As well as being relaxing, clients report a change in their response to stressful situations. A frequently seen effect of Bowen is a shift in the psyche of the client. "I feel better about myself" is a common remark.
 Bowen is an excellent de-stressor and is an important consideration in treatment of a struggling immune system.

Jen Mitchell's passion is helping people manage chronic pain when they have been diagnosed with a long lasting condition and are then left to figure the rest out on their own. Or perhaps the pain has increased over time and before you've realised and it's been years of constant pain.

This is why we offer special pricing for chronic pain sufferers at our clinic. Find out more here.

Jen helps people gain the wellness, relief, peace and uplifting life focus they crave. Jen works 1:1 with people of all ages online and within her clinic.

She is also passionate about  treating those who suffer from discomfort, stress, anxiety and any concerns that are preventing you living life to it's fullest potential and optimum outcome.  

Jen has trained at Bowen Training Australia, the only institute in Australia that teaches Bowtech© Bowen Therapy, founded by Ossie Rentsch, and recognised worldwide as one of the original people who learned from and was taught by Tom Bowen.

Jen is a full member of Bowen Association of Australia (BAA),  which commits her to continuous professional development.

“Live a Better Life with Bowen Therapy”

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"The natural healing force within us is the greatest force in getting well"
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